Portfolio - West Manchester Landscaping

Large project in Lostock

This is one of our largest jobs to date, comprising of hundreds of tons of materials and over 200m of Indian Sandstone. As always, we started with a mammoth digging out & removal job seeing tons of spoil, waste and unwanted building debris being removed from site. Working our way out from the furthest part of the rear garden, we built a double stone wall to encase the stream that runs though the garden, using 'Green', 'Lakeland' slate.

After this and the turfed banked areas, we paved out from the back to form the 3 semi circular patios on different levels. The sides of the house are simply fuctional pathways with plenty of border space for planting. The front garden is walled off using a traditional Bradford quarried stone and then paved in with the continuation of the Sandstone flags. The Driveway has been laid using a 'tegula' block paver.