Portfolio - West Manchester Landscaping

Smooth sawn rainbow sandstone patio

This landscaping job was entirely following the customer's plans. Approximately forty-five tons of soil and clay was excavated from the garden to get our correct levels. Concrete footings and a low retaining wall were then constructed around the perimeter of the garden, incorporating two long seating areas as a feature. The whole garden was then paved using a highly decorative Indian Sandstone (a smooth sawn rainbow stone) in a random pattern. Due to on-going water issues we laid two sets of drainage in this garden - the first at sub-level using perforated land drain and gravel trenches - and the second, a series of surface water ACO Brickslot surface water drains. This type of drainage channel leaves only 10mm visible at surface level making it a great choice for a more decorative high finish paving such as this.