Portfolio - West Manchester Landscaping

School nature area

This was a nature area/wildlife garden designed for a primary school for Derbyshire County Council. We created a fenced off area with two gates and a pathway running through, using granite blocks to edge and slate to walk on. The planting scheme consists almost entirely of nature orientated species, using a combination of apple, pear and cherry trees, under-planting with Buddleia, Brooms and Cornus amongst the shrubs. We used small stacks of tree trunks to attract insect life, in turn attracting small mammals and birds. The berried shrubs and fruit trees again are aimed towards insect and bird life. This was the first stage in a series of works to develop this school grounds.

Being plantsmen as well as landscapers, we have great experience of horticulture and specialize in planting schemes for any area or purpose. Please contact us for any more information regarding shrub/tree problems or planting schemes.