Portfolio - West Manchester Landscaping

Stone walling and paving in Belmont

Although comprising of Indian Sandstone paving, this garden leans towards a more 'traditional' english styled garden with stone walls and paving. Again, a large job in terms of preparation alone, the new walling in the garden used up approximataely 14 tons of re-claimed walling stone and a similar amount of mortar and common work hidden behind the stone work to make this substantial 20inch thick walling. As the photographs show, wheelchair access was necessary from the highway at rear, hence the ramp and extra retaining wall. In addition to the visible landscaping, we set sub-level 'perforated-coil' drainage along the whole perimeter against the walls, and then a second line of surface-gulley drains around the whole property (the house is on an inclined track off belmont road and receives heavy rain run-off in stormy weather).