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Environmental & ecological

Herpetological protection

West Manchester Landscaping can supply and install protective amphibious fencing for an efficient price and will make time to work at short notice, if it means your schedule can be kept in place. Many species of our native amphibian are currently under threat. Some are protected by law and the conservation of these species is being taken very seriously by the government. If you are looking to undertake any building/construction or groundwork, you need to be sure you are not in any danger of damage to individual specimens or any known occupied habitat.

If protected species are found to be in close proximity to the building project, measures need to be taken to protect these environments. "Newt Barrier" is a generic industry name for a type of enclosure system which can be erected around sensitive areas.

Here are two documents that offer information or clarification about whether you need to consider newt (or any amphibious) protection - How to protect reptile and amphibian habitats and Guidance on Building Development (England) With Respect to Amphibians and Reptiles

Permeable hardstand surfaces

New government guidelines regarding how much area can be paved over came into effect in 2010. They are trying to manage the rainwater surface run off in high rainfall periods. With too much ground being sealed from water permeation, the drainage and gulley systems are finder it harder to cope with surface water.

"Planning permission is now required to lay traditional impermeable driveways that allow uncontrolled runoff of rainwater from front gardens onto roads, because this can contribute to flooding and pollution of watercourses." Guidance on permeable surfacing of a front garden, Communities and Local Government and Environment Agency

If your proposed patio/pathway or driveway exceeds an increase in 5m2 and the direction of the water run-off is towards the main surface water drains, then you will need to get planning permission. If you choose to use a new permeable block paver or geo-mesh type sections to create your hardstanding area, planning permission will not be needed. These products are readily available and there is more information online.

Power cleaning/driveway maintenance

All driveways, paving & patios gather dirt, algae and moss over time. Especially in the climate we live in and the ever increasing rainfall we are getting. These areas can be cleaned up and brightened with not too much time & effort. We provide a power cleaning services and will also remove all moss and any weeds or greenery showing through blocks. Patio/Driveway sealant can be applied to the area once cleaned, giving a longer lifespan to the paving. Please get in touch for prices & any other information.